We are proud to be combining electronic security and energy conservation with our state of the art electronic solutions.
Revisit this page for updated services including energy audits, geothermal HVAC and Solar electric solutions. We can replace your energy sucking light bulbs and fluorescent fixtures to provide better lighting, reduced air conditioning costs and smaller electric bills. Your electrical rates are already subsidizing the cost of LED bulbs, so you are paying for them even if you don’t use them. They have improved vastly over the years and come in a choice of color preferences and offer long life. Outdoor bulbs are available and we can connect them to a controller that will allow you to control several bulbs individually even if they are all on the same switch.

Want to instantly help combat Global Warming?  Join the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100% Renewable Energy Campaign.  Click below to learn about the campaign!  You don’t have to pay dues to participate in the campaign.

Who produces the electricity for your home or office? You can purchase 100% Local Renewable Electricity without leaving your chair. There are several options to choose from, but as far as we know, only the Energy Co-op is a non-profit, plowing any income into educational programs. Click below and start becoming part of the solution. If you are heating with natural gas, the Energy Co-op can provide you with cleaner renewable natural gas that does not come from fracking, but from landfills and waste treatment facilities that emit methane which is being captured and purchased for you. Purchasing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) helps to limit the demand for fracked gas.  Contact us  today to get started on your path towards reducing your consumption of fossil fuels!                                                                                     I want to purchase 100% Renewable Energy

We recommend Eric Lowry, of Lowry EcoSolutions for an honest, professional home energy audit. If you sign up through his website, please include “Main Line Security & Energy Services” at the very bottom of the “Energy Audit Questionnaire

Click below for a short National Geographic solar video.

Short National Geographic video

or below for an article about solar with storage using Lithium batteries

Solar with Storage available now for your home

Did you know that we can refer you to solar installation companies or act on your behalf to help you determine whether a solar energy system makes sense for your home or business?

Drew Melman is a licensed electrician and has installed a photo-voltaic energy system in the Shortridge neighborhood in Wynnewood that has been providing clean electricity from the sun for many years. New advances in battery technology can provide back-up power in an emergency without the need of a fossil-fueled generator. We are working with several vendors and can get you proposals for solar, energy audits, air sealing and insulation. We can replace older inefficient lighting fixtures or incandescent or halogen bulbs with LED fixtures and/or bulbs.

Smart controls can save energy on lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and make your home safer and more comfortable while saving energy.


Let us know what actions you are taking to reduce fossil fuel consumption and if there is anything we can do to empower you to take new actions. If you would like to participate or create our upcoming competition to see who can reduce their carbon footprint the most join the conversation on our new Facebook Page –  We welcome your input and are creating a game to see how much carbon we can offset together before Thanksgiving.